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          Bérénice is a Fashion Designer from Northern-Eastern France with experience in womenswear, menswear, and boyswear. She graduated in France, then Canada thanks to a student exchange in the Saskatchewan Prairies. After obtaining a Bachelors in Fashion Design in her hometown, she moved to Paris and perfected her knowledge of draping and pattern making at the prestigious school l'École de la Chambre Syndicale de la Chambre Parisienne. She found a home in Northern Ireland , where she first began working as a Shirts Designer, then as a Boyswear and Schoolwear Product Manager. 

          Foreign cultures are for her a constant source of inspiration. Her work placements in various parts of the worlds: Brussels, Regina, London, Antwerp, allowed her to familiarise herself with a wide variety of products and to experience numerous work environments and company types. Her passion for the cultural richness and artistic skills of First People originated from her first contact with the Cree culture as a young adult. She continues to be drawn to them as a source of creativity.

          Extremely adaptable and positive with a very good eye for details, she loves challenges and is enjoys team working. In her free time she enjoys running, kickboxing, snowboarding, dancing, or hiking, and is at her happiest when surrounded by nature. She aspires to have a positive impact on the garment industry in terms of sustainability and smart consumerism and to shift her career towards performance garments.

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